About the Author

Yusuf Ali El was born in Chicago and grew up in Pembroke, Illinois. He wrote his first poem when he was 19; see his book, One Room Shack.  Poetry flows for him, sometimes invading his pillow, interrupting his sleep,  and coming  through dreams.  He is a passionate poet and a powerful speaker. Yusuf thinks there is a type of Poetry for every type of music: blues, jazz, gospel, country, hip-hop, be-bop, R-&-B, etc. 

Yusuf writes what he feels.  He hopes you feel what he writes.

Yusuf transferred from Chicago's Wilson Junior College,  received his BA from the University of New Hampshire, and his Masters from Governors State University.  Yusuf is a Written Word Artist who loves to recite. He does not disappoint. He has authored numerous books; currently available are: Raw Tears, How To Feel Good About Yourself,  Ryme Tyme, One Room Shack, O Woman, and the long awaited, newly released children's book, Thank You & Please

Yusuf is a dynamic, humorous, entertaining, Motivational Speaker. He is available for workshops, recitals; no cause or venue is too large or too small.


yusufaliel@gmail.com.     www.rawtears.com.