Raw Tears, 178 pages

Raw Tears

 178 pages of Sweet and Stormy Relationship Poetry

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          Second Wind

I thought I'd never love again,

the hourglass had poured her sand

I, calloused by a life of hurt

never thought the glass to invert.

And bid the sadness all adieu

erase the slate and start anew

but I had not the inner strength

to halt the hurt, then at length

You appear from God knows where

in answer to an unknown prayer

and turning the glass right side up

proceed my sadness to disrupt

I thought I'd never love again

but you my friend had other plans

and with a charm you drew me in

and rubbed new life into my skin

And over protest of unsolved pain

you challenged me to love again

and for the first time in years

my life was not about the fears

But now about new hopes and dreams

and fantasies of useful things

like days of joy............as never before

O God it's good.......to love once more